Solar Installations
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Swatahaa Infra is a leading energy company focusing on transition to clean energy by increasing the adoption of solar technology. We provide complete rooftop solar system for industrial, commercial and residential customers right from site audit to complete installation & commissioning.

Our vision is to increase the adoption of solar energy by making process simpler, faster supported by finance and technical guidance. Along with Rooftop Solar Plant, we also provide Solar Pump installations and Project Management Consulting services.

We have highly skilled team having hands on experience in designing and commissioning different kinds of solar plants.

Painting Wall

Swatahaa Painting Services is a unique painting company based in Mumbai, India, providing interior and exterior residential and commercial painting services. For all your painting needs, inside and out, call Swatahaa Painting Services. The quality and attention to detail we put into our work is more than most require, and you can see the pride we take in our work. We want your painting project to look great and last for many seasons to come. We help all types of homes, commercial businessesapartment complexes and buildings with our painting services throughout the entire state of Maharashtra not limited to the Mumbai  metro area. 



 We provide services such as False ceiling, Painting, Bathroom remodeling, Flooring & wall tiling, Plumbing, Electrical, Furnishing, 

Wall treatment, Modular, Furniture and much more to keep your home beautiful and comfortable. 

 We have designed and manufactured  smart solutions for a wide variety of sectors including self-build, private and affordable housing, education, care homes and student accommodation.

Our combining knowledge and expertise with the latest design software and manufacturing equipment, we enable our clients to build efficient, high-quality homes, faster.

Our company presents a speedy, cost-effective and energy-efficient offsite construction method.


Solar panels generally require little maintenance. They’re extremely durable and typically should last for many years. However, any issues with solar panel performance are usually related to electricity production, which is why we recommend monitoring your system’s production. By paying attention to changes in production, you can identify and address issues proactively. Therefore our solar operations and maintenance services are set up as follows:

  • Preventative Maintenance- On-site inspections and repairs for revenue performing and other mission critical systems.

  • Service and Repairs- Individually contracted services. This includes: solar panel cleaning for residential and commercial systems, diagnostics, repairs, energy analytics, commissioning/re-commissioning, asset acceptance, etc.

Electricity Repair Work


Despite the fact that Swatahaa Infra is one of the largest residential electrician companies in the metropolitan Mumbai City area, our focus has always been on giving our clients the best possible experience in electrical construction and residential electrician services. Swatahaa Infra takes its integrity seriously, because we care about having a positive impact on the communities we serve. Our experienced electricians have over 20 years of combined experience to ensure your job is done right. There is no job too big, or too small. We assess and do our best to resolve any issue you may have electrically.